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Two Announcements, Gentle Reader

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So, announcement #1: a few days ago, I made a video to answer some questions that came from a YouTube friend. My cousin D-Rock and I had such a good time, we decided to turn it into a thing. Like a weekly show. Now, I can’t promise that this show is going to be good. Or focused. Or not-grainy looking. Because of the houseplant in my office, it might look like some episodes were shot in a jungle setting. But we’ll be there, talking about stuff, every week.

Our first episode is what happened when we tried to film a promo, asking for viewers (and blog readers, too!) to send in questions and topics for us. We’ll give you credit when we film it. So, feel free to leave a comment at the video page, or on my YouTube channel, or just in the comments here, and ask us a question or suggest a topic and we’ll talk about it. Here, I’ll just let the two idiots in the video attempt to explain it:


Today is the release of the final novella in my Abigail Barnette baseball trilogy. TRIPLE PLAY is going to be out TODAY, folks! Can I just tell you how relieved I am that the Detroit Tigers made it into the post season? Because if the Grand Rapids Bengals are having such a bang-up season in fiction and the Tigers didn’t even make the post, I was going to feel like I cursed them. Anyway, read on for the cover, blurb, and a link to buy (the book will be “on sale” later this afternoon).

It’s been an incredible year for the Grand Rapids Bengals, and for Eva Colchado, sports writer for the local paper, the season is about to get a lot more interesting.  She’s about to break a major story exposing a gambling scandal that involves the team—while getting involved with two players, herself.

When Taylor Coburn made a silly bet with the cute reporter, he had no idea that she would follow through on it. Now, poised to win the league championship, he and fellow player Jeron Curtis have a lot more at stake: a hot, no-strings-attached three way with Eva.

When Eva’s story breaks in the midst of the Bengals’ biggest triumph, all three of them have to choose between their loyalty and the feelings raging between them—all during the baseball season’s tumultuous final weeks.
Now, I wanted to share a totally hot excerpt with you, I really did. But I think sometimes, less is way, way more. So, I’m going to give you a one-sentence excerpt, and let your imagination run wild with it:

“There were two naked ball players passed out in her living room.”

So, there you have it. I’m off to start the next recap, which will hopefully be posted tomorrow or Friday, and to celebrate my release day! My good friends Stella and Audra Price are also celebrating a release day, so skip on over to Resplendence Press and check out their The Things A Djinn Can Do, if you would be so kind!

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