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Now we do the dance of joy!

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Yeah, so, I’ve been an irresponsible blogger. I take responsibility for that, fully. But you don’t understand the lure that is Perfect Strangers on DVD. I got the seasons 1&2 DVD set, and I’ve been doing practically nothing but watching Balki and Cousin Larry, chortling heartily at their antics. Oh, Balki, pink lemonade doesn’t come from pink lemons, you crazy Meposian!

Since I’m not done watching my newfound treasure trove of TGIF comedy gold and obsessing over Mark Linn Baker’s hair, I’m going to make Wednesday a cop out catch up day and answer some blog comments from last week at random.

Ashley Ladd asked: What is “schmecksy”? Or the program about “Bob”? I never heard of them.

Okay, Ashley, I am happy to answer your very good questions. “Schmecksy” is the phonetic spelling of the way I pronounce “sexy,” but only when it applies to the really, terminally sexy. For instance, Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, or Iggy Pop. Either of those people are examples of schmecksy. It is an imminently changeable way of describing someone, and a single individual can pass in and out of schmecksiness as many times as I choose to upgrade or downgrade them. Brad Pitt, while very nice to look at it, has been in a sexy holding pattern since 1996, but Gerard Butler maintains the title of schmecksy, so long as he doesn’t say anything boneheaded or wear ugly sneakers.

As for “Bob,” he is a character from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series of books, and the television program of the same name. In the show, Bob is played by Terrence Mann, who is currently just sexy, until he gets rid of that beard he was wearing at the Pippin concert.

Tez Miller asked a lots of questions: You has kitties? Will you photograph them for us, please?

I do have cats. Three, unfortunately. Her Majesty, Fred, and George (the latter pair named for the Harry Potter twins, as they are brothers from the same litter). I would photograph them and share, but I have a very strict policy about people forcing others to view photographs about their cats. Namely, what goes around comes around, and the moment I post a picture of my cat, I’ll run into someone at a cocktail party who has a 3 gigabyte memory card full of cat pictures that I shall be forced to look at.

Do you drink the Diet Coke straight from the bottle? (I’m on small glasses of LA Ice MAX, which is a rip-off of Pepsi Max, Coke Zero.) I do drink Diet Coke straight from the two-litre bottle. I have a real problem.

Re Jenism: Do we come from outer space, or from the ground, where we rise like zombies?

In the post she left this comment on I had mentioned Jenism, my made-up religion. I’m glad to clear this bit of theology up. Jenism teaches that we’re not entirely sure where people came from, but it’s good that they did and that one of them had the idea for TV.

Re your chair: you know when the hard rubbish collection is coming up, and people put busted washing machines and whatnot on the nature strip about a week in advance of the collection? That’s when you poke through other people’s junk…and maybe find yourself a better chair.

I understood about five words of all that. I’m pretty sure “hard rubbish” is equal to “large item pickup” and that “the nature strip” is something to do with pubic hair. But the important bit is that I’m horrified at the suggestion of getting rid of my chair, no matter how uncomfortable, because I don’t like change. I had to buy new underpants the other day and I’ve been a ball of anxiety for quite a while. When we redid our basement den I nearly had to be hospitalized for exhaustion. The real kind, not the celebrity kind.

Bronwyn Green said: I think you need to bring the uglyass unicorns out of hiding and post them on your blog.

I’m saving that idea for another day when I have nothing to talk about and would rather watch Perfect Strangers.

Lori from Plainwell said:one time, i met this cool author at B&N on 28th st. i explained to her about how i kept telling my coworkers about how we were going to be BFF after meeting. and then she agreed to sign a book i was giving a friend “to my BFF’s….” she laughed and was a great sport. and then when i found out she sometimes writes at “coast”, i had to drive by on my way to B&N on Westnedge today, just in case she was going in or out and recognized me and had to invite me for coffee.
instead i got to point it out to my husband and tell him she goes there sometimes. he wasnt quite as impressed. what does he know?? 🙂

That author does sound cool. Also beautiful and very smecksy, with great taste in sitcoms. I think I’ve heard of her, and also seen her down at Dino’s, as well. This morning, in fact.

Ha ha, Cousin Larry is so not smooth with the chicks.

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  1. Once I had a dream that I had sex with Balki…I'm still emotionally scarred.

    February 6, 2008
  2. I love Balki! That used to be one of my favourite shows. 'Don't be ridiculous' still makes me smile.

    February 8, 2008
  3. Lori from Plainwell
    Lori from Plainwell

    I have the day off from work due to reconstruction so I am sitting on my big ass bed, drinking good coffee and eating keebler cookies ( a must have breakfast for all good diabetics). One thing I was looking forward to was checking to see if you had written. And you did. And you mentioned me AGAIN. My girls at work are starting to believe we really will be braiding each others hair one day.

    I love Perfect Strangers…shall we do the dance of joy??
    PS) brad was best during legend of the fall and as the schemcksy cowboy hitchhiker in thelma and louise.

    February 8, 2008
  4. Well, i bought Perfect Strangers at Target today, it was on sale.

    I blame you.

    I'm totally gonna watch it.

    February 10, 2008
  5. TGIF rocked! I too loved Perfect Strangers. Bronson Pinchot was one of my favorite actors for so long. I loved him in Beverly Hills Cop and in that movie with Dan from Night Court where he was a psychic and he had to eat goobers out of his brothers hand to come down off the ceiling. Ha ha ha. Great movie. So good I can't remember the name of it. But I loved it so much.

    You are a funny chic. Now I want to ask strange questions and see if you answer them with comic genius. But I don't have any right now.

    I will be back though.


    February 13, 2008

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