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Such Sweet Sorrow is here!

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Finally! After months and months of sitting patiently on my hands, sometimes bouncing around and cursing time because it doesn’t move fast enough, Such Sweet Sorrow is here!

such sweet sorrow

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I am so excited about this, guys. I’ve loved Shakespeare for forever, and it was so fun to write my own version of his characters.

In adjacent news, I was interviewed by Fantasy Book Addict as part of the Such Sweet Sorrow blog tour! Check it out here.

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  1. Sarah C.
    Sarah C.

    I even ordered this one *in paper form.* Precious bookshelf space is being reserved for this one 😀
    (also, how cool is it that I got to order it via

    February 4, 2014
    • Sarah C.
      Sarah C.

      So is some of the spam because I mentioned the Amaz-n retailer people? Anyway, it arrived today here in Holland, all the way from Germany. Which is cool. I’m reading it this weekend! Yay!

      February 7, 2014

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