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Samantha Goes Cosplaying

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For weeks, Bronywn Green has been telling me, “I wish I could tell you about your Christmas present, because you’re going to love it!” She also said stuff like, “Do you have any yarn left over from your Doctor Who scarf?” and “You know that jacket you wore for your steampunk Doctor costume?”

Well, this past Saturday, I found out what was up.

Some of you may remember my American Girl doll, Samantha, who was gifted to me by a magic candy lady. The doll has become my unofficial mascot among my friends. They even made a movie trailer about her. She came with me to Authors After Dark in Charlotte, where I wore my steampunk 4th Doctor genderswap cosplay:


So, Bronwyn (being how she is) made an exact replica of my costume for Samantha, right down to 10’s sneakers. She even hand-sculpted a replica of River Song’s sonic to go with it:

IMG_20141213_153729616I wish I had a better quality picture, but I guess life isn’t fair. However, I assure you, it is exactly like my costume, in every way.

The very best gifts are heartfelt, obsessive, and bordering on disturbed. Now, whenever I cosplay as the steampunk 4th lady Doctor, I have to bring Samantha with me.


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  1. Cei

    As someone who works for American Girl and has a deep love of Doctor Who, I fully support Sam being a cosplayer.

    December 15, 2014
  2. Flo

    So loving this!

    December 15, 2014
  3. Delta Juliet
    Delta Juliet

    Seriously, you have the awesomest friends!

    December 15, 2014
  4. Pansy Petal
    Pansy Petal

    This is just so awesome! Thank you for sharing!

    December 15, 2014
  5. The costume turned out so well. I think I must have missed out on that video before, but that was hilarious. Poor Samantha. So mistreated.

    December 15, 2014
  6. Jon

    Very impressive friends you have there.

    December 15, 2014
  7. Nim

    That is such an amazing gift idea- and it turned out so well! I’ve been toying with the idea of making one of those scarves as well…

    December 15, 2014
  8. Sarah

    All the good Doctors had awesome companions. Glad to see you will, too, now!

    December 15, 2014
  9. FM

    This is the first time I have ever commented but I just had to say, you have amazing friends. That’s adorable work!

    December 15, 2014
  10. Lieke

    You (and Sam) look awesome. What a great gift!

    December 16, 2014
  11. Aveste

    ‘The very best gifts are heartfelt, obsessive, and bordering on disturbed. ‘
    Truer words were never spoken.

    As for the rest of this post, ‘m afraid I have nothing to say but ‘d’aaaaaaaw! <3' This is so cute.
    (and I love your cosplay!)

    December 16, 2014
  12. Anon123


    …That is all.

    June 11, 2015

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