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Merlin Club S04E09 “Lancelot du Lac” or “I get it, Lancelot from the Lake. That’s clever.”

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Merlin club is a weekly feature in which Jessica Jarman, Bronwyn Green, and myself gather at 8pm EST to watch an episode of the amazing BBC series Merlin, starring Colin Morgan and literally nobody else I care about except Colin Morgan.

Okay, I lie. A lot of other really cool people are in it, too.

Anyway, we watch the show, we tweet to the hashtag #MerlinClub, and on Fridays we share our thoughts about the episode we watched earlier in the week.

So, here’s a quick rundown of episode nine: After Arthur proposes to Gwen, Morgana brings Lancelot’s shade to life to romance Gwen and get her to have a lapse in judgment. Because they had feelings for each other before. I feel like I’m over-explaining this. Anyway, everybody is like, super happy that Lancelot is back, except Merlin who is like, isn’t there something fishy about a dude just casually strolling back from the dead? Lancelot is just there to act out Morgana’s plan to keep Gwen from the throne. Gwen gets all enfuckingsorcelled and Agravaine takes Arthur to catch Gwen and Lancelot kissing. Arthur physically hurts Gwen during the ensuing argument, then banishes her from the kingdom on pain of death. Agravaine orders shade!Lancelot to kill himself, and Merlin gives him a viking funeral.

If I had written this episode, I would have changed: The entire plot line of this season from here out. I so dislike these developments, you guys.

The thing I loved most about this episode: When Arthur proposed to Gwen in all that beautiful candlelight.

The thing I hated most about this episode: That in the argument between Arthur and Gwen, Arthur grabs Gwen and hurts her. That and the fact that anything post tournament happens.

Something I never noticed before: Is it just me, or is Merlin getting really good at disposing of bodies?

Favorite Costume: 


Presented without comment.

Here is proof of some random headcanon I created: Nothing for this episode.

What object would Bronwyn steal from this episode? I think she should take Ol’ Sewy Eyes here home with her:


She could live under the stairs, Bron. She could live under the stairs and snatch through to catch your ankles.

She’s already there, Bron.

She’s already down there.

What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? 

Merlin: “Well, as romantic gestures go, you could have given her flowers. Could have had a song written. Instead you’ve given her two days of sweaty men knocking the sense out of each other.”

Arthur: “Exactly as it should be.”

Tell me those lines weren’t blatant fan service dished out especially for a Merthur diehard like Jess.

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  1. OMG – those lines WERE exactly that.

    Also? Fuck you. Fuck you very much, Trout. I hope you’re prepared to come and do my laundry because I will never go down the basement again!!!

    January 2, 2015
  2. those lines were perfect. 🙂

    And omg, Bron will never go downstairs again. o.O

    January 2, 2015
  3. Gwen Cease
    Gwen Cease

    I’m really glad I don’t have stairs or a basement . . . just sayin

    January 3, 2015
  4. noisyninja

    The only problem with leaving out gwen’s affair and subsequent banishment is that it’s one of the most commonly known parts of the Arthurian saga. It’s in most of the movies. It suuuuuuucks. But it’s part of the original story in a pretty huge way. I do like that they do it now, because we know she has to come back and marry Arthur eventually, and hey, at least it’s out of the way so they can live happily ever after someday, right? Right?????

    Also, I like that Arthur is all butthurt about it, but doesn’t do the dick move of putting her to death or turning into a whiny little bitch. He actually takes it pretty well in the moment, hears out her side, and owns up to his pain.

    I still want them to frolic in the flowers though. Sigh.

    January 5, 2015

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