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Fuck You, STGRB 2: Hypocritical Boogaloo

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I’ve never agreed with the general attitude among writers and reviewers that STGRB is a “troll” site and should be ignored because any amount of attention is “giving them what they want.” It’s one thing to apply this strategy to a toddler throwing a tantrum, but we’re talking about grown people who have done actual, dangerous things to strangers out of a demented belief that criticism of authors and their (obviously flawless) books is some kind of crime.

It may seem like two posts in two days about the same group of spectacular morons is overkill, but last night, after STGRB made yet another post about me and how childish, jealous, and unsuccessful I am, a tweep named Shelby contacted me to tip me off about a little discussion going on in the comments section of this STGRB post. You see, Shelby had blogged about some personal issues she was having with a custody dispute in her divorce, and STGRB were all over that.