State Of The Trout: “What happens next?” edition

So, Second Chance is out, hopefully if you want it, you’ve got it or you’re soon going to get it, Penny’s First Time audiobook is out, and we’re almost finished with one of our recaps. So what now?

Fear not for my momentum, for it is still building, my friends. Let’s talk about my next steps:

What happens after ApoloniaNothing. In the interest of concentrating on Grey and Buffy, I won’t be picking up a recap to fill the aching void Apolonia will leave in our hearts.

Since you’re done writing Neil and Sophie, what’s your next book? Glad you asked! I’m not done with Neil and Sophie at all. In fact, my next project is more of them. The One Night Stand is a prequel novella about the first time Neil and Sophie met, and you can look for that late summer/early fall.

And after that it’s Ian and Penny again, right? Not as such. Winter of 2017 is going to be my most ambitious project yet. Say Goodbye To Hollywood is a stand-alone novel, totally unconnected to any of my current series. The heroine is a screenwriter adapting a blockbuster erotic novel, while also Domming the film’s producer and clashing with the writer of the book, a midwestern housewife-turned-diva who’s obsessed with preserving her masterpiece. It’s a sex/satire combo, and I’m going to have a really fun time writing it.

So, wait, when do we get Emir’s book? Emir’s book was supposed to come out in 2016, and I promised you all that it would. But there were elements of the plotting that weren’t clicking, so I’m going to let it slow-cook a little bit. I don’t want to rush something that I ultimately think will be a really satisfying book for fans of the Boss series.

Aside from that, I’ve still got all sorts of fun writer stuff happening behind the scenes, like two collaborations I’m just dying to reveal (but can’t yet) and of course continuing the quality nonsense you’ve all come to expect from this blog.

22 thoughts on “State Of The Trout: “What happens next?” edition

    1. Agreed. I am soooo excited for Say Goodbye to Hollywood. I will mark my calendar…when I get a 2017 calendar. Still. Very excited.

  1. I finished Penny’s version of Second chance yesterday. Aaahhh so many tears! But it was great. Giving myself an emotional break before I go for Ian’s. I read them simultaneously for the first book (one chapter at a time) and it was a bit intense.

  2. OMG, Say Goodbye to Hollywood sounds so awesome! :-) Will definitely be adding that to my wishlist. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to writing a YA publishing satire…OK, I won’t, because I’m lazy ;-)

  3. A femdom story AND a parody of the 50 Shades of Grey movies? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    Seriously, I’m tired of all the big BDSM erotica titles being femsub/maledom. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, but I crave some variety.

    1. I think that it’s just going to be awhile before we get back to them, not they’re done. I think that there’s supposed to be 4, at least I seem to recall that from when the first one came out.

  4. Read both Ian’s and Penny’s stories in a rush and oh, the tears. You’ve got a deft touch, Jenny. It’s a pleasure to spend time with your characters. They feel so real to me.

  5. Not to be a nagging Nelly but will you still be working on The Afflicted? I really love that story so far, it’s so different.

    1. Yes, still working on The Afflicted! I’m near the end of the story now, and I’m trying to figure out how to not rush it. :D

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