True Blood Tuesday S03E08 “Night On The Sun”

Okay, first of all, don’t be ridiculous. It’s never night on the sun. Second, here is the file. Hit play when the HBO sound and logo fade. Synching up isn’t really all that important, since it’s basically just me lamenting over how I fucked up a slipper.

One thought on “True Blood Tuesday S03E08 “Night On The Sun”

  1. I think Lafayette’s mom is crazy because she has powers like Lafayette, ie she can hear voices and ghosts and stuff so it makes her crazy, not that she can see stuff because she’s crazy? But I don’t remember if they explain that or if I just took it that way. If that makes it any better?

    The timeline is super wonky, because it’s only been like 2-3 months max since the first episode, which is why it’s Renee’s baby… Next season starts with the year time jump to finally move things a bit forward.

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