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STATE OF THE TROUT: Nightmare Born cover reveal and release date, Snark Squad, and another Sims Let’s Play.

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Hey everyone! I finally, finally got the second draft of The Boyfriend off for another round of edits, so I can blog again! And I have a cover reveal!

But not for The Boyfriend. See, that cover reveal (and a sneak peek) will be headed your way on Friday. Today, though, I’m revealing the cover of Nightmare Born, my Young Adult Urban Fantasy serial that will be debuting on the Radish app on October 23rd, just in time for Halloween!

The cover for Nightmare Born shows the silhouette of two teens facing each other, holding hands in front of a night sky. There's a scary dracula-looking castle on a hill in the background and a full moon in the clouds. The title and two logos for the Google Play and Apple App store show beneath my name.

If you don’t remember or I haven’t talked about it before, Nightmare Born is the magical school trope we’ve seen before in YA, but with a twist: the magical girl is autistic. It was very important to me to write a story where a girl who stims, gets overwhelmed, has some stumbles socially, still gets to be the three-dimensional hero of her own story. There are vampires, ghosts, magic, witchcraft, and the Nightmare Born, creatures who look appear human and will steal your heart…literally. I’m so thrilled to be partnering with Radish on this. Keep an eye out for a promotional giveaway that will include one of a kind, original art by me!

So…you can see why I’ve been pretty busy lately!

I’m also super excited to announce that I’ll be a guest on the Snark Squad podcast this Halloween, talking about (what else) Buffy The Vampire Slayer Halloween episodes! More information will be available on that as we get closer to air date.

Now, before I leave, here’s another Sims Let’s Play, this one featuring translations from Simlish and my new neighbor, Bearded Chris Evans:

  I uploaded the wrong file. I’ll fix it later.

PS. Nominations for the Jealous Haters Book Club 2019 Selection will close on Friday, so get your nominations in now! Also, please submit only one nomination per title. I can see the timestamps and some of you have been tricky. Naughty, naughty.



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  1. Chris

    Oh God. You’ve inspired a new wave of Lani Sarems to trick their way into a top list, eh?

    October 16, 2018
  2. Dove

    I left two nominations because I realized I had more comments to add about the same book but I didn’t want to remove myself from anon regarding it by expressing more details in the comments because there seems to be a HUGE following for it, so many people give it good reviews. Based on the content of the book alone I, um, decided to keep myself safe just in case some of those fans are twitchy. Obviously, you can know that it was me both times, I tried to point that out in the second nomination since I wasn’t trying to bump it up in any way. I just needed to express more frustration based on what I’d learned…

    The book I nominated is as bad as the Handbook for Mortals yet it has a movie in production and it’s coming out soon… I don’t even want to know how it’s going to affect the current climate regarding misogyny. The only saving grace I can see is if the screenplay is tight and more sensible with some kind of actual message because maybe the later books are better, they could inject more life into the plot, and the acting/directing could assist. Regardless, the first book is fucking terrible and empty emotional manipulation, as far as I’m concerned. 🙁

    I’m still kind of shocked this is the series that really launched the guy’s career and I’m now just as disappointed as you were regarding the male author who was good but simply got lucky and got a movie deal when better authors hadn’t. Hell, for all I know, this could be the same guy, but I doubt it. Such a common thread, you know? Maybe his other books are better, I wouldn’t argue with that since I haven’t read any others, but the one that got turned into a movie feels like he wrote it explicitly to try and carve out a movie deal for himself, if that makes any sense, so I’m simply disgusted that it worked. And his book had already left me angry and disappointed just from reading it so that’s saying something. 🙁

    October 17, 2018
    • Chris

      OMG I want to know the book. This sounds awesome! I mean awful! I mean awesome!

      October 18, 2018
      • Dove

        … Well, it’s by Patrick Ness and it’s the first in the Chaos Walking series. Your mileage may vary. There are plenty of praise-singing reviews on Good Reads, but also some mixed and negative ones too, so I’m not the only one. You never know, you might enjoy it. I personally loathed how the plot was handled and the cold cliff-hanger ending didn’t inspire me to read the rest. 🙁

        October 21, 2018
        • Chris

          Thank you Dove. I hope it gets shortlisted in the JHBC, it has my vote already.

          October 22, 2018
  3. Kitt

    I am Very Excited about Nightmare Born, okay?

    And I want to see where you lead us with this whole next round of spork evisceration. I feel like I probably could think of some books that would be okay candidates since I have read/even like some pretty bad books but my brain is not cooperating so please forgive as I just get swept along for the ride. Looking forward to this.

    October 18, 2018
  4. Regina Chapman
    Regina Chapman

    Congrats on finishing your draft! That’s major. It sounds like an intriguing premise, too!!

    October 19, 2018
  5. […] October 15, 2018, author Jenny Trout had a cover reveal for her new YA urban fantasy serial Nightmare Born, which became available on the serial fiction app Radish starting October 23, 2018. This cover was […]

    January 4, 2019

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