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Author Your Life summit!

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Recently, I got invited to do a really cool thing and now it’s coming up and I’m so excited to share my involvement in this:

TEXT: Author Your Life Summit How to use the power of writing to kick fear in the teeth, send obstacles packing, and create the life you want. Featuring Jenny Trout hosted by Lara Zielin [images of both authors] FREE online event August 15-26

One of my very most favorite author people, Lara Zielin, had an ah-ha moment after a personal and professional crisis that sent her reeling. She realized she could use writing to help her find her way again. Within a year of that realization, her life and heart had been transformed, all because she put pen to paper. Now, Lara firmly believes that writing can completely change your life. As in help you build healthy relationships, open the door to your dream job, maybe even help you finish that project you started way back when.

Now, she’s bringing everything she’s learned to a FREE online summit called Author Your Life: How to Use Writing to Kick Fear in the Teeth, Send Obstacles Packing, and Create the Life You Want.

Lara invited me and, in her words, “20 other experts” (which sounds like she was suggesting that I am an expert which is flattering but inaccurate), to discuss the power of writing to change everything. My area of expertise, of course, is what happens when you start being your authentic self. Also, how to not throw in the towel when you’re receiving nonstop internet hate.

Sign up to hear other actual experts weigh in about writing to unleash change as well as practical how-to advice so you can put this into practice yourself. This includes how to use writing to:

• Silence your inner critic
• Face fear and get un-stuck
• Connect to your community
• Embrace and high-five your authentic self
• Change the story you tell yourself about work

And much more!

This is completely free, so go, sign up, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

Because, here’s the thing. We might not have the money for therapy or the time to do an hour of yoga every day, but we all have access to a piece of paper and a pen (metaphorically speaking). We can all write something. And that? Can change everything.

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  1. catnews

    This will be great! Thank you!

    August 6, 2019
  2. Tami

    I needed this. Thank you, Jenny. <3

    August 6, 2019
  3. Pansy Petal
    Pansy Petal

    Thank you. I’m in!

    August 6, 2019
  4. Jenny, I’ve never said this and I think about it every time I go to your website, and I don’t want to waste another second with it going unsaid.

    Your curly hair always brings a smile to my face.

    There. That’s it.

    August 6, 2019
  5. Dove

    I bit the bullet and signed up! Hopefully, I can go through with it when the time comes… 😀

    August 7, 2019
    • Dove

      Also… *facepalms* Thank you! I forgot to say that before. Sorry, I’m just nervous and this is going to be a long week for me. Haha, luckily it’s going to be sending out by email so that should help me keep up even if next week is just as bad.

      August 7, 2019
      • Person

        I’m with you, Dove! I have similar concerns myself. I hope we both make ourselves proud by sticking it out!

        Thank you so much for sharing this, Jenny.

        August 13, 2019
  6. Erin

    I am all signed up!! Thank you for sharing the link, Jenny!! I am looking forward to it. 🙂

    August 7, 2019
  7. Moomin

    Jenny, but you are an expert in being yourself! Which is huge.
    And I say that without even a tint of sarcasm or irony or whatever.

    August 8, 2019
  8. Kylie Glessing
    Kylie Glessing

    Jenny, I loved your interview for the summit, and got your Say Goodbye to Hollywood. I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it! What a great read. Thanks so much 🙂

    August 21, 2019

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