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Jealous Haters Book Club: Crave SPECIAL EDITION

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In the last recap of Tracy Wolff’s Crave, I noted that the reference to the CW show Legacies made me a little uncomfortable, considering that the publisher’s other big hit was a series that blatantly ripped-off the original series of Roswell. I did some poking around and it definitely sounded like there were similarities, but nothing I hadn’t expected to find similar. It just looked like a bunch of common tropes.

I decided I’d just give Legacies a little watch. And I did. And I recorded it. And had to get it copyright approved on YouTube, which means that the ads you see in the video were put there by Warner Bros. Television as payback for using their content. Which, by the by, is a neat feature; I’ve got another react video waiting for a decision on a claim and it’s like, come on. Give people a break for react videos. If they’re not showing the entire movie who cares? It’s criticism and commentary for fuck’s sake. Not a bootleg.

SO ANYWAY. Here’s my video with my verdict, which I think most everybody here is going to agree with.

Oh! And while you’re watching the ol’ YouTube, subscribe to my channel. Even if you never watch YouTube or you never watch my videos (which is always okay, they’re really only on there because I think it’s fun), I’m trying to get to 1,000 subscribers so I can get back to doing my live Saturday night tarot get-togethers. YouTube took the mobile live stream function away from accounts under 1,000 subscribers and because my internet connection is so unpredictable in my rural, I’d been relying on 4G to do these broadcasts. After trying a few different methods and platforms, I had to call it quits. I would really love to hit 1,000 YouTube subscriptions so that I could get back to that!

Right. Okay. Video time. Jealous Haters AV Club.

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  1. Jenny (But not Jenny Trout)
    Jenny (But not Jenny Trout)

    I subscribed! Good luck.

    December 16, 2021
  2. Nicolae

    I feel your frustration with the seemingly never-ending first episode – not because I’ve watched the show (and thanks to this preview I know not to bother) but just in the general sense of “when will this sh*t end, already?!” – which you embodied splendidly, by the by.

    This is the first time I’ve watched one of your videos and it was a lot of fun, so I’ll be hoppin’ on over to youtube to subscribe soon-ish; that is, after I’ve had something to eat because I just came home. Good luck getting to 1 000!

    December 21, 2021
  3. Al

    Exception: the Scholomance books are set in a magical school where there are no new kids until the second book, and also no sexually promiscuous mean girls. The only Mean Girl in the first book (spoiler alert) turns out to be nice but privileged and unaware of her own privilege and once she becomes aware of it and acknowledges it she’s a lot more likable. There are side characters with quirks and problems, but I think that’s necessary in all books these days.

    February 12, 2022

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