State of The Trout: Something magical happened on Twitter.

First of all, I want to bring to your attention a project. It’s called Quake: The Film and its creator believes so strongly in it, she made a video while wearing a fake mustache. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me mention the Kickstarter campaign behind this independent dance film. It only has 56 hours left, and they’re a couple thousand short of their goal. If you support the arts monetarily, this might be a good place to throw some cash. If you can’t, that’s awesome, too. But if you could share the link, that would ace. And if you still can’t do that, that’s okay, too. If you’ve been a citizen of Trout Nation long enough, you know I’m kind of a sucker for independent projects that seem intriguingly unusual.

Second, remember that post about Jennifer Lawrence? Well, it got all kinds of virally, and I got picked up by the Huffington Post. You can see the story here.

If you’re not on Twitter, you missed something… I don’t want to say it’s magical or basically the greatest twitter story of all time or whatever, but that’s what it is.

Last night, I got so frustrated by some really shitty comment someone left on the original JLaw post (comments there are closed for everyone’s mental health), and I began to fantasize about running away from blogging forever. Obviously, I’ve decided against that, otherwise I wouldn’t be there, but I thought I would go ahead and post the epic saga, but in reversed order so it doesn’t actually read like the weird backwards timeline of Twitter:


tweet1twitter2 tweet3twitter4 twitter5 twitter6 twitter7 twitter8 twitter9 twitter10

twittera twitterb twitter11 twitter12 twitter13 twitter14

So, that’s what I got. Kickstarter, HuffPo, killing a bear and absorbing its powers. Coming soon in January, more Buffy, more 50, another open promo post, The Bride cover reveal and x-rated excerpt, and more general nonsense.

32 thoughts on “State of The Trout: Something magical happened on Twitter.

  1. When I saw that in my feed, I wanted to retweet the whole thing, but that felt a little spammy, so predictably ended up re-tweeting none of it (because indecision).

    But anyway, wanted to tell you that was the high-light of my night. :)

    Also. I’m glad you decided to stay around and blog some more. Your blog is another one of the high-lights of my day whenever you update. :)

  2. You do realize that is illegal and can easily subject you to criminal prosecution and also violates AUP regulations? Not the brightest bulb. I took a screen capture.

  3. You cannot impersonate people on the internet. You cannot publicize email addresses and you cannot request that people spam them. Internet law 101. And the owner of this website will be legally liable. (Hint-just delete it). .

    1. Stalking is also a crime. Get the fuck out and do not ever dare to contact me again. I’ll delete your comment because you asked me to, and because it’s admittedly a dick move to set you up for spam bots, but your legal threats are laughable. You’re a pathetic, sad little asshole, and the reason there should be internet PPOs.

      Let me reiterate: you have left multiple, belligerent rants against me on multiple posts and in email. You are straight up making me feel unsafe, because you clearly have some kind of personal vendetta that is escalating. Do not contact me. Do not reply to this. DO NOT CONTACT ME. I AM REJECTING ALL CONTACT.

      If you approach me in any form ever again, I’ll be looking into my legal options. You are harassing and stalking me. DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN.

        1. passive-aggressive much? ur acting like a creeper. how are you amused by this site if it offends your delicate sensibilities so much.

          oh right, you won’t be responding, as you just said you aren’t contacting Jenny again, so you would have already deleted this blog from your memory. uh huh…

  4. Anyway I’m done. Especially if you are based in California I would deeply suggest rethinking your official internet policy. (Trust me, it is for your benefit). I know a lot about internet law. Not that I am going to make an issue of it. I won’t report it and will ignore it.
    If you write articles attacking others expect the same in return. The thing that amused me was that I wrote a tame initial comment (among many other critical comments) and you responded hysterically (To quote you: “FUCK OFF!!!!”). You cannot presume to criticize and be that thin-skinned. I mean quitting blogging. I almost feel bad. Almost. Peace.

    1. Dude, no offense, but it’s a blog. A place to air whatever shit you want. Jenny has that right on here. You don’t have to follow. Kinda makes you look a little pathetic tbh. Also, huffington post disagrees with you.

  5. OMG, Jenny!!! I just saw your piece in HuffPo…HUGE congratulations. Not surprised with the over reactionary venom in the comments, but hopefully it will get people talking.

    1. It’s amazing how little attention people pay to what they’re reading. I only scrolled down a little bit but ALL of the comments I read managed to think that Jenny was saying J-Law was personally shaming everyone’s bodies. Is reading comprehension uncool now or what? How did they miss the multiple instances of “no seriously, remember that I have no issues with J-Law herself, this is about what society is doing with her words and image”?

      1. I think people only read in to it what they want to. The out of control “fangirl” mentality is too busy thinking about getting attention and far too many times I’ve seen them go about it in the wrong way. They can’t even pass a basic reading class, so reading comprehension is completely out of their abilities. Some of the comments I see on Twitter and other places make me want to cringe. We’re raising a generation of bubbleheads.

  6. I saw you in the Huff-Post and felt all cool and warm inside like I was a cool-kid for once. That said–it is a strong article. The response, the vitriol, the hysteria–just smacks of group-think, herd mentality etc. So, cheers to cheerful and thoughtful self expression.

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