Don’t blink.

See this?


This is what a-holes do.

Well, a-hole friends who put waaaaaaay too much work into their pranks. This weeping angel was made by my friend Bronwyn Green. She came to my house for a visit recently, a friendly sit-and-knit kind of situation. And while she was here, she snuck this little bastard into my office, and somehow, with her shortness and teensy little T-Rex arms, got it onto the top of my very, very dusty bookshelf.

Seen also in the photo is very, very dusty garland of Doctors, which was unfortunately removed during my flailing, screaming reaction when I finally saw the damn thing up there.

The best part about her prank? She’d already done it to other people, and gleefully shared their reactions with me, thus lulling me into a false sense of security. Because what kind of deranged maniac tries to pull off pranking someone who already knows the prank?

Good work, Bronwyn Green.

Retribution is coming.

31 thoughts on “Don’t blink.

    1. I put a a weeping angel vynal, it say’s DON’T BLINK, And who tardis on the back of my truck. It is fun wondering if the people driving behind me are randomly not blinking but don’t know why!

  1. I’ve an idea. Actually, it’s a friend’s idea, but I’m yoinking it, claiming it as my own and raising it as my own.

    Okay, so you get a few screencaps of the Weeping Angels, starting out benign, ending up with in-your-face scariness. Then upload them to her computer, and set them, as a series, as her desktop background, changing every thirty minutes or so.

    And alternative is to upload the last one, something like this:
    and put that in a series of two, the first being her normal background image, the second being that WA one (or another of your choosing).

    1. If you have google play on your phone, you can also get the “Don’t Blink” widget. It puts a picture of a WA facing away on your desktop. When it identifies that you’ve opened an app (therefore not looking at the image), the image changes to look at you. Then gets closer. etc.

      It’s freaky shit.

      1. Seriously? Dude, that’s awesome! Oh, wait, this is for smartphones only, right? ‘Cause no one I know has a smartphone. (That’s both a comment on my lack of friends and the fact that we’re poor.)

      1. Ah, you say you won’t, but revenge requires patience. Month after month, she will wait. And month after month, you shall forget, until one day you really need to look at cute turtle pictures on the internet (at 2am, naturally), lulling you into a false sense of security, and on that day the weeping angles shall attack!

        By the way, I didn’t say before, but that was an awesome trick, Bronwyn Green!

  2. So Jenny, I think that freaky statue of those creepy little kids your granma gave you should probably figure in the retribution. That is, unless they managed to open a passage to hell in your hall closet and are now ruling the under world. In which case, best not to annoy them by moving them from their seat of power.

  3. Sorry for the off topic post; I just wanted to say “Wheeeeeee! You’re proper internationally famous on the Internet!”. I saw your JLaw Body Shaming article on today – its the most popular female-focused website in Australia, so you will be getting a lot of new eyeballs Down Under! Congratulations! They did get the name of your blog wrong though (“Sweater for Days” – no -s on Sweaters). Feeling super-proud of you; I point people your way anytime Buffy or 50 Shades is mentioned, but this is like a mass-conversion to your awesomeness for Aussies. :-)

  4. Oh my goodness. Did you know that David Walliams from Little Britain was in the Doctor Who episode The God Complex? And his character was afraid of Weeping Angels!

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