State of The Trout: Now with actually important stuff!

Hey all! It’s that time of week month every two weeks it’s just that time, okay? Time for me to update you on stuff going on in Troutnation.

The blog is moving. Yes, again. Later this week (hopefully), the retooled will be up and running, and this blog will be found there, instead of here. There will be a post at that time directing you to the new place. If you find the blog by googling “Sweaters for Days,” you might want to consider a new method. The new site is going to be more accessible (read: no flash), and have the blog and website stuff all in one place.

I’m going on the road! When the new site goes up, I’ll be announcing upcoming appearances for 2014. Not a ton of them, but in all different areas of the US, so if you’re in the US and I’m somewhere near you, stop by and say hello.

State of the recaps: I had the next Buffy recap nearly finished, then my computer restarted and the last time the draft saved was on January 13th. I basically have to start all over. So, sorry about the delay, but I’m going to get right back on it as quick as I can. Another 50SoG recap is also in the works. Thanks for your patience, as stuff has just exploded for me lately, and I’ve been forced to concentrate less on my fandom obsessions and more on like, my job and stuff.

Speaking of my job, the coolest thing ever happened. Yesterday, Anne Rice, the woman who was my idol when I was a teen, and one of the major reasons I ever wanted to write in the first place, shared my Huffington Post piece about John Green and self-publishing with her Facebook readers. It’s basically the biggest honor I’ve received so far, and you can see her post here.

The Bride cover reveal is January 30th. Does what it says on the tin. I’ll be serving up the cover and a sex scene for your reading pleasure.

Such Sweet Sorrow playlist on Tumblr: I’ve seen quite a few people post playlists for their fandoms, that is, lists of songs they feel go well with the shows/movies/books they love. Fannibals, by the way, are particularly amazing at this. I decided it might be fun to do the same thing for Such Sweet Sorrow, my YA novel that comes out from Entangled Teen on February 4th. You can find the post, and a link to a Spotify playlist with even more songs, on my Tumblr. If you’re a Tumblr user and it fits the theme of your blog at all, and you want to reblog it to spread the word about that book, that would be awesome of you! I’ll do one for The Bride in February, if this is something you guys like.

Merlin Club! A few of you have asked if I’m going to recap Merlin, and as fun as that would be, I have a lot of Buffy to get through still and I’d like for that to be the only ongoing recap after I finish 50SoG. Recaps are just a lot of work. However, my friend Jessica Jarman had the idea to three-way blog Merlin with Bronwyn Green and myself. This won’t be an in-depth recap, but something a little different and more interactive. Every Monday night at 8pm EST, we’ll be watching an episode and tweeting to the hashtag #MerlinClub. Then, on Fridays, we’ll be blogging about the episode we just saw, with preset questions and random zany observations. We welcome anybody to watch with us, tweet with us, and to play along at home and in the comments sections. We’ve already watched episode one, so if you’ve never seen the show, I suggest you Netflix the hell out of the first episode and join us next week for episode two!

I think that’s all I’ve got for this State of The Trout update!

20 thoughts on “State of The Trout: Now with actually important stuff!

  1. I saw the Anne Rice post! Everyone was really positive about it! I shared that post on a few of my local writing groups, someone I met through their is avid about self-publishing so I knew they’d appreciate it ;)

    Also, your YA book comes out just before my birthday, and I love YA. Hint hint ;) just kidding, it will be one of my birthday presents to myself!

  2. Will my email subscriptions still come through as normal after the move or will I have to go looking for the new site to resubscribe?? :)

  3. Unrelated: My boyfriend mocked me for reading Interview with a Vampire, saying it’s another teen vampire novel. I was like no, it’s by Anne Rice. That meant nothing to him. I died a little.

  4. So much fun stuff going on–hope you make it to Western PA or Eastern Ohio. And how cool that Anne Rice did that, I would be bouncing off the walls if one of my “hero’s” acknowledged me like that!

  5. “I’m going on the road! When the new site goes up, I’ll be announcing upcoming appearances for 2014. Not a ton of them, but in all different areas of the US, so if you’re in the US and I’m somewhere near you, stop by and say hello.”

    Heh. I live like, only twenty miles from you.

  6. Forget the rest of the country, Oregon NEEDS you! Specifically, Eugene. Bring DRock too, we would benefit greatly from your combined presence.

  7. Hi Jenny! I wanted to email you but couldn’t find a link to do that here, so I guess I’ll leave it in the comments :D Just finished “The Hook-Up” and enjoyed it! I did notice a typo though. When Neil says that Sophie should be “fairing better” than he, it should be “faring” not “fairing.” Can’t wait for “The Bride” !!

  8. So totally going to be a member of the Merlin Club! Got through the whole series about two months ago. Now I have a slightly disturbing crush on Bradley James (I’m 40)…and Richard Wilson.
    The whole series I kept waiting for Montey Python cracks though. Completely disappointing on that front. Hoping you all won’t disappoint! ;-)

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