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      1. That saddens me. I like Anne Rice’s books and she has always seemed cool. However, that makes give her the side eye. Granted I don’t know all that much about what y’all are discussing, so maybe when I do I won’t give her the side eye.

      2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo………ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..oooooooooooooooooooo.

        Well shit! Proceeds to dig out AR books and stomp on them.

  1. Thanks for this. I had to sit on my hands to keep from commenting there, because my facebook has my full name. And STGRB links to my profile on Amazon (I’m an “Amazon fora troll”). I really do not need them getting my full name, since I know precisely what they do to people.

    I’m so pissed.

  2. Yes, I see that any evidence offered contrary to Anne’s opinion is dense, and confusing. Which says more about Anne than it does about anything else, I think.

    *attempts complicated bully gang handshake and fails*

  3. I find it ironic that she finds a well respected blog which covers industry and publishing news and explains issues well – that she cant understand the post because its dense and confusing. But finds the STGRB site is easy to understand which is just meandering mess of sockpuppetry by people who tried to get people sacked and outed which is dangerous.

    I got a feeling that she may regret being so gung-ho in defending this group especially now its given them new life and injection of support.

  4. I don’t even…

    Is it only an “honest” review if it’s all sunshine and rainbows? Personally, as a reader, I find the negative reviews to be most helpful in deciding whether or not a book is going to suit me. I find it slightly demeaning that people think readers can’t distinguish between a well-written negative review and “this book suuuuccccks” reviews. And if seeing a negative review hurts you that much either avoid review sites or rethink being a publicly published author.

    1. One of my friends celebrates his negative reviews which I find a great way to handle it. None of my writing has yet to garner any negative reviews (probably because few people have read anything I’ve written) but I’ve been receiving negative reactions to my artwork for years. Does some of it hurt? Yeah, it does, but so what? Not everyone is going to like what I produce and bad reviews are nothing compared to real bullying.

      1. Bravo! Well said. I’m a professional photographer and if people didn’t review an critique my work I’d be doing something wrong.

    2. Bang to all of this! I would like to think That I’m intelligent enough to distinguish between trolls and an actual negative review. Also, if you can’t take criticism constructive or negative then stopping putting your art out for public consumption.

  5. She can’t be bothered to read the article? It’s incomprehensible to her? I wonder if she’s just not used to people telling her she’s wrong.

  6. What Anne Rice and STGRB are doing is nothing less than trying to intimidate current and potential reviewers into not writing anything critical in a review by using a tacit threat of public humiliation to those who do.

  7. I don’t understand how some people can’t take negative criticism. How are you supposed to get better at something if you are only told how wonderful you are at it? You can be a good writer and still turn out a shitty product. I don’t understand humans sometimes.

  8. Ms Rice writes Facebook comments as well as she writes books (which is to say, I nodded off two sentences in and just tried to guess context based on replies).

  9. Is anyone else reminded of the scene from South Park where the guy is like “we have to stop pointing fingers at each other! Carl! Stop pointing fingers!”

  10. She needs a kind person to lead her away from the internet, preferably forever. If she’s not able to see what’s right in front of her on the STGRB front, she’s not well enough to be posting where people can see and mock her.

    As for the actual bullies, I spit on them and their hateful campaigns.

  11. Why does this strike me as very much like Crazy Amy from Amy’s Baking Company on the infamous episode of Kitchen Nightmares? She’s ranting about haters where there are only people expressing their experiences.

  12. Hey, I can find/link screen caps where they call me a tranny. Seeing as Anne Rice is, supposedly, for LGTB rights would she liked to explain why she supports a site where calling me Tranny Manface is considered the epitome of comedy? I mean, they found this /hilarious/.

    I call it sexual harassment. If they don’t take my picture down from that site, I am involving a lawyer next Monday, too. I refuse to let them use my intellectual property – I took that picture – just so that they can continue to sexual harass me. And possibly libel me about another picture that they haven’t yet posted, but love to mock.

    1. I looked at that site for the first time two days ago, following AR post. I must say, although some bits sort of made sense, others stank to high heaven of slander and far fetched made up rubbish.

      Has anyone put a petition together to their ISPs to get that site taken down?

      BTW I too have been banned from AR for presenting evidence that I had just found of authors bullying genuine one time reviewers on Amazon. (I feel like a should get at badge to wear with pride!)

      I found what I witnessed two days ago truly shocking!

  13. I especially like the ‘If you really think you’re in danger, then don’t review!’ line of argument. Apparently, Anne Rice thinks freedom of speech is only for her or something. What a blowhard.

    Good on you for taking them all to task for their ridiculousness, Jenny!

  14. I think both sides of the house in this debate are beyond the pale. There is a bunch who will turn up on threads on Amazon.com and completely ruin them. Half are ‘reviewers’ who seem to blanket class all authors as charlatans and cheats, the other half are ‘authors’ out to get this bunch. Both sides should just get over it. They’ve made the Amazon.com forum almost unusable.

    For me, too, the most useful review I’ve had was a negative one. The reviewer enjoyed the story but raised a lot of issues about the way it was listed and presented. It opened my eyes to a whole gamut of stuff that it had never crossed my mind to add to the listing.


  15. Anne Rice is criticising someone for a dense, incomprehensible blog post

    Anne Rice is criticising some for dense, hard-to-follow writing…. well damn, that sporks itself

    Alas, Anne Rice has always been of the idea that anyone who dares to criticise books is evil and needs to be punished – it’s no surprise at all that she would flock to these hateful people.

  16. Holy damn, did she ban you for your comments? I don’t see them in that thread and you were FAR from rude or attacky. Has she always been this delusional, and has her head always been crammed this far up her ass, or is this a new and exciting development?

  17. Is STGRB still around? I’ve been determinedly ignoring them for two years now.

    Nobody likes bad reviews or having their beloved novel mocked, but you just can’t control what other people think about your book(s).

    And I’m with Dear Author on this — there’s too much effort from women being put into controlling other women. Can’t we put that energy into getting some genuine power instead?

  18. Anne Rice is about as overrated as Dan Brown in my opinion, she caters to the lowest common denominator. I outgrew her writing by the time I was in high school. How is anyone taking her seriously??

  19. Dear god, the irony, it burns. Anne Rice rants on about the ‘denseness’ of your post but ALL of her posts are so dense, that no one can get through them with a machete. Your posts went the way of anyone else who does not kiss AR’s ass. That is to say, into the great abyss of cyber space, never to be seen again.

  20. I… have not heard about any of this. It seems really weird. There are people who are going around hunting down negative reviewers? And official groups about this? Huh. …At least there are enough people still passionate enough about reading to make this an actual thing? I guess that’s the silver lining of this unnecessary cloud.

    As many other people have said, negative reviews really help me decide whether to read a book. Sometimes the negative review makes me *want* to read it. You think it’s facile and non-substantive? Awesome, I’m looking for a great beach read! You think it delves too much into “political correctness” (ugh, that phrase)? Awesome, I love social issue analysis! You think it was hard to read because it was too flowery? Great, I’m totally looking for a purple prose imagery-laden novel. You think there’s too much magic and not enough Christ? Awesome, this is probably the book for me!

    Good luck with all this, Jenny.

    1. These “official groups” are a bunch of malcontents that have nothing better to do with their time. They blacklisted me (tee-hee), and I do not review. I’m not even a gangster, LOL.

      Anne Rice has lost her marbles and is embarrassing herself.

    2. Exactly! That’s what got me on the “Divergent” series, all the reviews criticizing it for having a poor concept, one-dimensional characters, and a flimsy plot. After sludging through dry as sand legal textbooks for school, I needed the escapism. And I did end up enjoying them for what they are.

  21. She is stubborn about her support for STGRB. And this isn’t the first time she has posted a status about them. I really wish she wouldn’t dismiss people who disagree with her with such a tl;dr attitude. I mean that was extremely rude. No if, ands, or buts about it. That was unbecoming. I read through her statements and all I see is someone who refuses to listen and looks down on others. It is so sad.

  22. Poor old Anne Rice. Not her finest hour.

    I liked her and her books, until one of her characters (who was intended to be a sympathetic protagonist) had a typically Rice-like reflection about how depressed and disappointed he was that all the white people in his New Orleans neighbourhood moved out, and that the place had “decayed” without all those good people.

  23. Oh, Anne Rice. She doesn’t want reviewers. She wants cheerleaders. I’ve not read a single one of her books and I have no intention of doing so purely because of the way she reacts to negative reviews. Have you heard about the time she sicced all her Facebook followers on a blogger who decided to review Pandora while she was cutting it up for a craft project? Horrible person, you couldn’t pay me to pirate her books.

    1. Ha! I remember that. I have read Anne over the years, they’re quick easy reads for me and I generally enjoy her older stuff. After reading about the whole Pandora debacle I made the decision that I couldn’t support her with my hard earned cash any longer since she seems to have no sense of humor whatsoever.

  24. If she thinks this crap doesn’t exist, she is living with her head in the sand. It is everywhere on the internet and has been for years, not just in this type of situation. She’s totally detached from reality, apparently she doesn’t watch the news either because this kind of behavior is everywhere.

    You Gangsta Bitch Jenny!

  25. Anne Rice has gone through some … interesting phases in her life. I’m not really surprised by this. What did surprise me was the way she wrote a lot of her posts compared to the way she writes her books. I’m thinking she has a very good editor somewhere.

  26. Scary. “Gangster bullies” is such an insanely strange thing to call anyone that I can’t help but wonder if something is seriously amiss with the woman. Like, “perhaps someone who knows her should check up” levels of amiss. Because using that phrasing six times in the space of two comments (and managing to misspell it once) looks like a major red flag.

  27. This makes me sad, really. I’m tired of people confusing criticism with bullying. Just because it isn’t sunshine and daisies doesn’t mean it needs to be suppressed. And if they really are resorting to tactics similar to revenge porn sites to control negative reviews? That’s just sick.

  28. I miss when the worst things Anne did were tell readers they were interrogating her books from the wrong perspective and claim she didn’t need an editor. The thing with the classy bordello and the other thing with her letters getting her dragged back into court were good too, but the former two are classics for a reason. She’s not really funny anymore.

  29. I stopped reading Anne Rice when she decided she no longer needed an editor. It’s too bad, I was a huge fan of her early novels when I was a teenager.

    1. When did she stop having an editor? I’m curious because I really liked some of the earlier Vampire Chronicles, but my facial expression throughout some of her later books was a constant pained grimace – so I’m guessing The Witching Hour, Pandora time.

  30. Anne Rice is such an asshole.

    I made the mistake of reading her autobiography a few years ago, and basically the whole second half is just her repeating over and over how great her books are and how much everyone loves them. She does take a brief pause to deny that Exit to Eden exists, though…

  31. Jenny! You got a callout/ WHOLE blog post on Smart Bitches Trashy Books! http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/blog/remixing-anne-rice-gangster-boogie-gangster-bully-lets-rub-some-funk-on-it (which to me is super cool – but in a “its cool you got mentioned, its not cool that Anne Rice is so out of touch/ mean” – my go to romance review site). Man, Anne Rice sounds like a cantancourus old woman on her porch waving her fists and “loud unruly neighbors”!

  32. I think it’s really great that you posted this. When someone first pointed her post out to me, I was shocked. Now that I’ve found out that other people have been subjected to this same treatment, I feel a little less alone. :)

  33. 16 year old Rhapsody who loved the Vampire Chronicles is in a corner crying “WHY?!?!”. 26 year old Rhapsody who has been reading Anne Rice’s self indulgent Facebook posts for the last year or so is thinking “what the hell happened to this lady?”.

    It feels like one of those moments where you’re told “never meet the people you looked up to as a kid, because they’ll disappoint you” kind of deal. But if we’re honest, Rice has been a train wreck for a very long time and with the availability of social media the train wreck becomes public.

    This situation is disappointing, but it did prove one thing. Jenny is a badass and a far better role model than Anne Rice ever was.

  34. Oh fuck. Anne Rice is on par with the whole 50 Shades of Abuse twitter thing– remember that? Now I want to ask her how she feels about the low rated review. I didn’t go brutal, but that she supports STGRB… sigh.

    She just lost her space on my book shelf.

    Jenny, you so are an author and Anne is ignorant.

    ((off to reread The Bride)) :D

  35. I know. Dear Author = dense and STGRB = clear and coherent? Has she become I’ll? What alternate reality is that? Has anyone tried contacting a family member who could check up on her? Or who might be willing to research STGRB since the poor dear finds it all so dense and confusing?

    I actually used to think Rice could write coherently (admittedly I stopped reading her when she stopped having an editor) but apparently she no longer can comprehend what she reads or be bothered with a brief overview of internet search results that do provide instances of STGRB activity, both good and bad. And yet she feels comfortable throwing her weight behind an organization because of what she read on their site. All hate group sites say their way is the right way. Most bullies do engage in victim blaming.

    And for the love of all you hold dear, can’t they all please stop demeaning bully victims? Call it trolling, libel, attacking, harassing, mean, nasty or whatever but not “bullying.” How on earth can an online star rating bully anyone?

    Don’t even get me started on the author who right after real name petition started noticed a lack of rating activity on her books which at launch had all 4-5 star ratings. She got exact ONE negative rating and went screeching on the blogosphere how she was being cyber-bullied and gang-raped. Yes, a single online star rating was making her a rape victim. (Reporting the rating as abusive did get amazon and goodreads to review the matter and lots of the suspiciously similar sounding rave reviews were removed along with the sockpuppet accounts.). I’m not naming to avoid providing the attention apparently wanted.

  36. In anne’s opinion negative reviews of her novels, even when they are respectful and well thought out, should not be taken seriously because the reviewer is to stupid to understand and appreciate her “complex, intricate and deeply profound” prose.

    I enjoyed her early books when I was in highschool. I stopped reading the vampire chronicles after Memnoch the Devil. While the book had its entertaining moments I personally felt that Lestat made a confusing transformation from being interesting to being the ultimate Mary Sue. I fully admit that this is my opinion and that others may disagree with me, but, I do bristle at the author’s implication that my dislike of her work somehow means that I am stupid.

    I was actually really excited when I heard about the forthcoming Prince Lestat as it is apparently supposed to be a direct sequel to Queen of the Damned (not sure how that works in light of the novels that were written after Queen?) Anyway, I went online to look for any info about Prince Lestat and I came across her increasingly bizzare rantings.

    The final straw was when I found out that she used her FB account to basically sic her fans on a small time blogger who did not like her book pandora. I was also totally disgusted by the fact that she totally misrepresented what the blogger said.

    I wish I had never bothered to look for info about Prince Lestat as her behaviour has totally turned me off and I now have no intention of buying the book. Honestly, in light of discovering what she is really like I doubt that I will ever be able to read any of her past books that I have enjoyed without having the experience sullied by my new found knowledge of her petty, insecure nonsense.

  37. OK, I seriously only typed ‘Y.’

    I didn’t disable your Antispam, honest!

    Wah! Why does this always happen to me? The train wasn’t bad enough?

    Le Sigh. Could I pretend that the ‘Y’ means I’m saying ‘Yes’ to everything you wrote, Jenny? ‘Cause I do agree.

    I changed my name on Amazon to ‘Anna Karenina, Gangster Bully’ after Anne Rice called reviewers that (even though I don’t review) and she thought that meant I was proud of being a gangster bully. How do you even communicate with someone who completely misinterprets truth?

    I’m going to link your post on Amazon.

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