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State of The Trout: Things that are happening.

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Hey everybody! I realize there was no After recap last week. That’s because something neat came up, job wise, and I’m working my butt off on it. It’s nothing set in stone, so it’s not something I can give details on. If anything comes of it, you’ll find out. If nothing comes of it, then we’ll pretend this conversation never happened. In the mean time, cross your fingers and hope vaguely along with me. We’ll get back to After this week. Because it’s hard to stay away.

But in other news, since the end of the serialization of The Boss, I’ve known that I wanted to do another serialized novel. Not another erotic romance; I’m writing a lot of that these days. I decided I’ll serialize a side project I’ve been researching and working on since 2006.

The Afflicated - High Resolution

I splurged and bought myself a cover.

The Afflicted is a YA horror novel set in a 19th century Shaker commune. That’s the detail I’m giving right now. It will be serialized on WattPad, because a) I’m interested to know how the platform works, now that I’ve been poking around with it as a reader and b) I won’t have to worry about maintaining a new blog the way I did with The Boss. Updates won’t be on a regular schedule the way they were with The Boss, but chapters will go up at least once a month. I’m gonna do this in a no-pressure, just for funsies kind of way. The first chapter will post in June, and I’ll keep you in the loop here.

I’m sure some of you are like, “but I don’t want to join WattPad to read stuff!” I totally respect that. When The Afflicted is completed on WattPad, I’ll be giving it away as a free ebook, just like how it went down with The Boss, so you won’t be totally left out.

In other other news, I’ll be incommunicado from June 2 – 6. I’ll be rustic camping in Michigan’s majestic Upper Peninsula. Which basically means I’ll be smoking weed in a tent for four days to recharge my mental batteries. During that time, I will have no internet, no electricity, and I doubt I’ll have 4G, so there won’t be any blog updates, and some comments might have to wait in spam moderation limbo. I’ll be scheduling an After post to go up during the week while I’m gone.

So, that’s what’s going on with the Trout.

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  1. Lieke

    Fingers crossed and vaguely hoping along with you.
    Have a nice holiday!

    May 26, 2014
  2. Ilex

    I’m not sure I’ll want to read The Afflicted — because wow, that cover is SCARY — but putting it up on Wattpad seems like a really good idea. It’s definitely the best way to figure out how the place works. Have a great vacation next week. Hopefully the biting bugs aren’t too big yet!

    May 26, 2014
  3. Pansy Petal
    Pansy Petal

    Positive thoughts *it will happen for you* coming your way! Not sure about the new serial. Will see. Camping in the UP! Now that sounds like . . . not a 5 star hotel! Beautiful country – if not a lot of anything else. Have fun and recharge!

    May 26, 2014
  4. Promise

    Have a relaxing vaca! You deserve it!

    May 27, 2014
  5. Teresa B
    Teresa B

    Oooo, I’m excited to read “The Afflicted”. Been looking for a good horror story!

    May 27, 2014
  6. BuenaSuerte

    When I saw that cover my mind played the voice of that guy from Reefer Madness saying “I remember this case. Just a young boy…under the influence of marijuana he killed his entire family with an axe.”

    May 29, 2014
    • JennyTrout

      Luckily, the only person under the influence of marijuana will be the author.

      June 7, 2014
  7. Ayu Ohseki
    Ayu Ohseki

    Oh damn, you spent your money well on that cover for The Afflicted. I want to read that book like /woah/, and I am a total baby when it comes to horror.

    May 31, 2014

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