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2-Day Tickets For Authors After Dark!

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Romance Ink sent out this email today that may be of interest to people wanting to attend Authors After Dark in Atlanta this year!

Hello everyone!

We at Authors After Dark were made aware of a SERIOUS problem for readers for the 2015 year. Apparently the SOUTH starts school early—- Like end of July and early August, and we had NO IDEA! (please forgive us, the Con director is from NY and the staff are all from the northern states, and school doesn’t start there for the most part till after Labor Day.)

So this, is a problem for a LOT of south dwelling readers who are desperate to attend, but have put off getting their tickets because they were trying to make the event work.

Well… We have news for you!

After talking with about 30 readers this weekend via email, FB chats and messages, we have decided to offer a 2 day ticket for the 2015 year to attempt to allow readers that can’t make the FULL event, time to party with us and Hangout!

The 2 day ticket will be for FRIDAY and SATURDAY. It costs 175$ (plus taxes and fees through Eventbrite) and that price includes 2 Dinners (both balls this year have dinners), Friday’s Lunch, all the parties, panels and events both days AND the 4 hour access to the booksigning.


Also, rooms WILL be available for FRIDAY and Saturday (though we suggest that readers come in THURSDAY night in order to not miss any of the panels or parties on Friday). Any reader coming in THURSDAY night will be able to participate in the BOOKIES and any evening events authors set up (Info on that forthcoming on the Reader group on FB).

Some information:
We cannot guarantee full welcome bags to anyone coming in just Friday and Saturday. This is because Authors send promo for this based on Numbers we have by June 1st in order to make sure they get their promo in on time.

Room reservations are recommended as the parties and balls run long, are costumed events for the most part, and the after hours events are ONLY able to be accessed if you have room keys. Room reservations are double occupancy, and we have the entire North Tower of the hotel, (meaning 60% of attendees will get balconies!) Once you register Room links are in your conformation emails.

These tickets are LIMITED to 150 ONLY.

All Attendees staying at the hotel will also be entered to win some serious prizes and be invited to impromptu events, parties and special room gigs. You never know who is going to just open up an event in Hospitality with free books and giveaways!

*** All Readers that have bought and WILL BE buying the FULL ticket will get some AMAZING welcome bags filled with premium swag, books (print and e BOOK) And will have EARLY access to the ball seating and extra entries in the welcome event prizes***


thanks everyone and we will see you at the con!


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