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True Blood Tuesday S01E07 “Burning House Of Love”

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So, there’s some stuff in here that gets way too true-to-life about child sexual abuse, so heads up. It’s in the scene where Suckeh is in the bathtub with Beel. There’s also some too-real KKK like terrorism behavior.

I’ve got a head cold this week, so enjoy my stuffy nose and my mouth breathing, with a side bonus of naughty dogs.

Download here and start after the HBO logo/music go away.

True Blood Tuesday

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The other day, I noticed that you can watch True Blood on Amazon Prime, and then I noticed that while I was watching it, I was talking to screen all alone. So, I started recording it the way I do with movies. I’m going to put up one episode every Tuesday, if you want to watch along with me. And if you don’t, I’ll just amuse myself. Because most of this is just me enthusiastically shouting, “HOYT FORTENBERRY!” over and over.

Download the .mp3 and start it right after the HBO logo/sound fades.

True Blood S01E01, “Strange Love”

(For all of my Deaf, hard of hearing, or just audio-averse friends out there in Trout Nation, fear not. I’m not converting all of my recaps to audio or anything like that. I just don’t want to actually recap all of True Blood since I already have two pretty intensive recaps going. I’m still going to be blogging manually.)